Benefits of Joining the Network

Benefits of Joining the Network

Joining the network means joining a community of educational professionals and institutional leaders that are collectively working to remove barriers to student success within developmental math. Member colleges can access and use extensive resources, such as a research-based curriculum that is constantly updated to reflect current contexts, and formative and summative assessments that address cognitive and non-cognitive factors impeding student success. Carnegie will provide professional development opportunities and comprehensive support to both administrators and faculty in order to improve and implement Pathways. Carnegie will support and mentor administrators with issues of implementation, such as student recruitment, adoption of courses, and issues around articulation. Carnegie will also support faculty through a comprehensive professional development program that includes mentorship and online learning. Additional supports for college staff include rapid institutional analytics that provide insight on student engagement and performance, and a collaborative online platform (called CarnegieHub) which facilitates group work and resource sharing between network members. The Pathways network also hosts in-person forums that provide hands-on opportunities for network members to learn about the design and methods central to the Pathways programs.

Network engagement mechanisms include:

  • Monthly phone call with administrators
  • Monthly phone calls for faculty
  • Online hub (Carnegiehub) for communication and resource sharing
  • Annual National Forums
  • Regional Winter Meetings

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Our holistic approach includes a robust faculty professional development program including faculty mentors, instructor access to all the curriculum and assessment materials, rich data analytics for your faculty and institution, and a community of engaged faculty, administrators, advisors, and institutional researchers working collectively to continuously improve the Pathways program and promote student success. To become a part of this accelerated Networked Improvement Community, sign up as an Explorer.

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