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Quantway is focused on quantitative reasoning that fulfills developmental requirements with the aim of preparing students for success in college-level mathematics. The goal of Quantway is to promote success in community college mathematics and to develop quantitatively literate students.

Quantway provides students and college institutions with a more successful alternative to the traditional developmental mathematics sequence for students who are placed two course levels below college-level mathematics. It allows students to complete their developmental mathematics requirements in a single term so they can be eligible to enroll in a college-level quantitative reasoning course. Quantway is taught using a unique pedagogical approach that promotes collaborative learning and addresses socio-emotional factors that affect student success; employs innovative curricula supported by aligned assessments and an online student platform. The curriculum provides students with a firm conceptual mathematical understanding in order to master developmental goals and use quantitative tools intelligently in their daily lives (aligned with AMATYC stance on the preparation of non-calculus-track students).

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