Carnegie Math Pathways Acronym Quick Guide

AQT Advancing Quality Teaching
A-Team Assessment Team
CNF Carnegie National Faculty
C2 Curriculum Committee
FM Faculty Mentor
FIT Framework for Improving Teaching
FSP Faculty Support Program
FSP IT Faculty Support Program Improvement Team
MCK Math Conceptual Knowledge
NIC Networked Improvement Community
OCE Out of Class Exercises
PC Problem Cycle
PDSA Plan-Do-Study-Act
PNL Preparing for the Next Lesson
PP Productive Persistence
QW Quantway
SW Statway
SS Starting or Staying Strong
TIH Take It Home

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Our holistic approach includes a robust faculty professional development program including faculty mentors, instructor access to all the curriculum and assessment materials, rich data analytics for your faculty and institution, and a community of engaged faculty, administrators, advisors, and institutional researchers working collectively to continuously improve the Pathways program and promote student success. To become a part of this accelerated Networked Improvement Community, sign up as an Explorer.

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